Business and Corporate

As general counsel to many emerging and established businesses, Schinner & Shain understands and meets the need for practical, cost-effective and timely legal services.

Although our attorneys have formed hundreds of companies, we treat each client individually.  First, we interview each client to determine the best form of entity, whether C corporation, S corporation, partnership or limited liability company.  After formation, we assist with ongoing operations (including negotiating and drafting various commercial contracts), handling intellectual property matters (including trademark registration and licensing and protection of trade secrets), structuring incentive and deferred compensation arrangements, stock options, employment agreements and other employee benefits, drafting shareholder buy-sell agreements, and creating vehicles to integrate an individual’s business and estate planning objectives.

Our firm is fully experienced in all aspects of acquisitions, mergers, recapitalizations, reorganizations, divestitures and corporate liquidations and dissolutions.  We have handled dozens of corporate financings, including convertible debt financings, private placements, Regulation D offerings, venture capital financing, SCOR (Small Corporate Offering Registration), and Internet Direct Public Offerings.