Intellectual Property

In today’s global economy, the new currency is intellectual property.  It is reported that the intellectual assets of most companies comprise about 80 percent of the company’s total value.  Just how valuable are these assets?  The trademarks “Coca Cola”, “Budweiser” and “McDonalds” alone are estimated to be worth more than $1 billion.  Volkswagen learned the hard way.  The German automotive manufacturer acquired the assets of Rolls Royce for $790 million.  However, it neglected to obtain the rights to the Rolls Royce name or logo.  That omission allowed BMW, Volkswagen’s chief rival, to grab those rights from Rolls Royce’s jet engine subsidiary for a mere $66 million.  Thus, for a fraction of Volkswagen’s costs, BMW now controls the Rolls Royce brand.  Successful companies know how to create and protect their intellectual assets.

At Schinner & Shain, we counsel emerging growth and established companies in a wide range of intellectual property matters.  Regardless of their market sector, we help our client exploit and protect their intellectual assets.

We’ve guided clients during the Internet revolution and share our their enthusiasm for its unlimited applications.  Yet as the Internet boldly carries us into new frontiers, the courts are just beginning to grapple with many unprecedented intellectual property issues, particularly where the areas of trademark, copyright and patent law converge with the web.  We help steer our clients through these uncharted waters combining rock-solid legal strategies with cutting-edge, solution-based techniques.

  • Our intellectual property services include:
  • Trademarks (domestic and foreign)
  • Copyrights
  • Trade Secret protection
  • Cross-promotion, co-branding and licensing agreements
  • Patents
  • Entertainment Law, with an emphasis on multimedia and music
  • Intellectual property litigation, including the prosecution and defense of infringement claims